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Raccoon General Hospital (ラクーン総合病院?), also known as Raccoon City Hospital was a medical practice in the midwestern town of Raccoon City, located in the northern side, close to the St. Michael Clock Tower and Raccoon Park.[1] While not the only hospital in the area, it was certainly the city's main practice, and the only one known to be operational at the time of the crisis.


The general hospital was built in 1992 as part of Umbrella's expansion in Raccoon City with Mayor Michael Warren's "Bright Raccoon 21" regeneration project.[2] Having made a secret deal with the hospital director, Ethan, Umbrella was able to run a private laboratory on level B2F.[3] Though newspapers did report on bribes from a pharmaceutical company, the existence of the lab does not appear to have been known. To keep the locations of Umbrella's facilities a secret, subterranean travel was used in the event of a committee meeting and, in the case of the hospital, a representative of the lab was expected to take a boat along the sewers.[4]

In its more applied everyday activities, the hospital prided itself as directly funded by Oswell E. Spencer, Earl Spencer, the founder of the Umbrella Corporation, due in part to "Bright Raccoon 21's" boon of revenue and resources. The facility was said to accommodate highly efficient created up-to-date protocol and procedures based on past studies of hospital patient influx, allowing them to handle greater degrees of traffic of patients in need and attend to emergencies without failure, and held the United States's largest medicine research wing.

In September 1998, the t-Virus began making its way into Raccoon City through unknown channels. The Umbrella team took note of a species of leech mutated to large proportions by the t-Virus in the sewers.[5] These leeches were themselves the offspring of a much larger, Giant Leech. Over the course of the month, the hospital took in patients suffering from symptoms of t-Virus infection, with the increasing numbers already being noticed by 10 September after the hospital director, Ethan, made note of patients' deterioration.[6] More patients arrived on 18 September, though the medical staff remained hopeful a treatment could be found.[6]


The first Leech Man attacks Hersh.

Things finally took a turn for the worst following the pollution of the Victory Lake reservoir on 23 September, which infected citizens that drank tap-water. The hospital was placed on lockdown, and shutters were lowered on the ground floor, and the stairwell above 2F was totally cut off. The hospital staff continued to work on a treatment while the city came down on them and their building became progressively less safe. To aid in their vaccine research, several Hunter γ B.O.W.s were successfully captured and placed in storage on level B3F. While the staff were ultimately successful in creating a t-Virus vaccine, the situation had deteriorated to such an extent no one was left to use it.[7] Ethan himself perished on 26 September as Zombies invaded the doctors' station.[6]

As the hospital fell, a helicopter attempted to pick up refugees from the rooftop, but many people were critically wounded or killed along the way, with a number of bodies lying at the 2F passage. Zombified patients were not the only threat to refugees, however; the leech colony had by this point exploded and began attacking survivors, using their bodies as both a source of sustenance and a vehicle for further attacks.[8] Surviving staff on floor 3F huddled together at the Nurses' center, but eventually lost to the mutants, among whom Dr. Scott Jones. Dr. Hersh aided a group of survivors stranded on the floor by restoring power, but was soon-after attacked by the leeches that smelt his injured hand.[3] This group of survivors, made their way down into level B2F where they killed Dr. Hersh and his leech controllers, and later the Giant Leech as they made their escape through the sewers towards the NEST.

In the days that followed, the ground floor of the hospital was taken over by a pack of Hunter β, who killed several Delta Force soldiers to maintain that control. In the early hours of 1 October, Umbrella Monitors Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev and Tyrell Patrick entered the hospital, after Umbrella became aware of the hospital employees' research, and each received orders to destroy the hospital. They were soon followed by Cpl. Carlos Oliveira, who needed the vaccine to treat S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine. Cpl. Oliveira narrowly escaped the hospital with the vaccine as Sgt. Zinoviev destroyed it with C-4 charges.[9]



Kevin in one of the narrow corridors.

The building itself is four stories and has a dull sign on its roof that reads 'Raccoon Hospital'; it shows obvious signs of age with the metal signs having lucid rust marks and the brick work taking on an unnatural dirty pallor. It is composed of three buildings: the right wing, the left wing and the central building. The right and left wings would have been used to house patients whilst the central building was for offices and receptions.

Its interior was full of narrow hallways. There was only one small elevator and one staircase connecting the stories. The first basement room had a morgue, an elevator control room and a liquid waste disposal area. B2 Floor had a laboratory and a passage to the sewers. B3F is where some of Umbrella's B.O.W.s were housed, along with a chemical synthesizer necessary to make one of the three t-Virus vaccines produced before the Sterilization Operation that destroyed the city.

The hospital's known interior consists of the following rooms and places (36 overall):


Below is a list of known Personnel that worked at the Hospital. Out of them, only one were survived the outbreak, escaped the Hospital and evacuated from the city prior to its bombing.

Name Role Status
Ethan Hospital Director Deceased, September 26
Hersh Doctor Deceased, September 1998
George Hamilton Doctor Alive
Robert Doctor Deceased
Howard Doctor Deceased
Scott Jones Doctor Deceased
Isaac Doctor Deceased
Keith Doctor Deceased
Kathy Nurse Deceased
Elena Nurse Deceased



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