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For the Operation Raccoon City iteration, see Raccoon Park (Operation Raccoon City).


Raccoon Park (ラクーン公園?) was an urban park in Raccoon City it served as an attraction for the city's citizens with various events, an example being a Jazz festival.[1] The Park was located north of the city, near the city's Clock Tower and Raccoon General Hospital. The Circular River ran East in between the Park and the Dead Factory.[2]

Design & Architecture[]

While relatively small in size, Raccoon Park fulfilled a number of features. The southern part was a plaza for citizens to meet at the north was a cemetery and the east a pathway crossing the ponds towards a suspension bridge.


The Park's fountain


Raccoon Park Cemetery

Raccoon Park Cemetery[]

The Park also had a small cemetery which carried out funerals[3][4] until Sept. 1998, with many of the "deceased" ones being unknowingly infected with the t-Virus. [note 1]

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

A horror park[]

During the outbreak, the park became a nest for various creatures, such as the Grave Digger and the Sliding Worms

Umbrella Corporation[]

During the Raccoon Incident, Umbrella used a secret room in the cemetery cabin as a communications base for Monitors.






  1. A number of residents were infected with the virus and collapsed into comas; mistaken for dead, they later rose from their graves on October 1, 1998

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