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The Cemetery (墓地 bochi?)[1] is an area of Raccoon City park that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



This small cemetery was located in the northwest corner of Raccoon Park. Walking around the cemetery, Jill will encounter five Zombies lying in the bushes. Two Red Herbs can be found in that area. The Cemetery cabin located at the rear of the cemetery, while ostensibly a storage shack, was in fact a secret base of operations for the Monitor division of the UBCS. The cabin is initially closed. The Cemetery Key can open that door.

Shortly after a confrontation between Jill Valentine and Nikolai Zinoviev and returning to that point, a FMV will play, where the cemetery was destroyed by the Grave Digger. This cutscene can be named after the OST it's uses "Earthquake?". Grave Digger can be killed by dealing to it certain amount of damage or pushing the lampposts to the water, when it's available. Monster can die of the electric discharge. After killing the monster, the fence will fall near the sewer entrance, so Jill can escape to the sewer.


Location Localization Original Script
The grave on the left side

"Alfred Cones"

"1923 - 1986"



The grave on the right (Grey color)

"Here lies James Otto."

"In loving memory of his family."

“ジェームズ・オットーここに眠る 家族への愛とともに・・・”
The Graveyard cabin (With the key) You've used the Park Key. You no longer need this key. Will you discard it? Yes/No 公園のカギを使った このカギはもう必要ないようだ すてますか? Yes/No
The fences (After defeating the Grave Digger) I could escape by climbing up this fence. Will you climb up the fence? Yes/No この柵を上っていけば脱出できそうだ 柵を上りますか? Yes/No