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The Cemetery cabin (墓地小屋 Bochi koya?)[1] is a small cabin that is located near a cemetery in Raccoon Park feature in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


The graveyard cabin, many tools to dig a grave are stored inside. Secretly, a hideout was located not far from the cabin use by mercenaries.


The cabin is initially locked and requires the use of the Park Key in order to enter. Once inside the cabin, Jill Valentine can find various supplies and ammunition. She can also find a save room in one of the doors of the cabin. While exploring the cabin, the player can come across an unused fireplace with a hollow wall in the back. Jill can use the lighter and Iron Pipe that is found nearby in order to push the hollow wall down.

At the back of the fireplace wall, a secret hideout that is used by the mercenaries can be explored by Jill. After exploring the hidden room, Jill will come across Nikolai, where she learns the truth behind his motives in Raccoon City. However, the cabin vehemently shakes, causing Nikolai to flee. Once Jill exits the cabin, the Grave Digger will destroy most of the cemetery surrounding it, disallowing Jill access back to the cabin.


Location Localization Original Script
Instrument on the left side Cleaning instruments are hung here. 掃除のための道具が掛けられている
The fireplace (Before using the Lighter) There's firewood which could catch on fire. Wind is blowing in from the back of the fireplace. 燃えやすそうな薪がくべてある 暖炉の奥から風が吹き込んできている・・・
The fireplace (After using the Lighter) You no longer need this Lighter. Will you discard it? Yes/No このライターはもう必要ないようだ すてますか? Yes/No
The fireplace (After throwing the Lighter away) A light can be seen from the back of the fireplace. 暖炉の奥から明かりがもれている
Botlles on the table Deserted alcohol bottles. いくつもの酒ビンが転がっている
About to take the Iron Pipe Maintenance tools are placed here. 古い道具が置かれている