The Fountain (噴水 Funsui?)[1] is a part of the Raccoon Park that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



The shape of fountain changes

The Park Map can be found on the billboard by the entrance. There is the control panel for operating the fountain near the fountain. Moving the gears on the panel, the fountain can change it's jets direction.

In order to enter the Sewer, the player must first complete the Gear Puzzle. The shape of the gear position can be seen near the closed sewer entrance. The solution is fairly straightforward:

  • Move the left white gear.
  • Move the right white gear.
  • Move the right black gear.
  • Move the right white gear.
  • Move the left black gear.
  • Finally, move the left white gear.

Doing so will drain the fountain pool and open the sewer hatch, allowing access to the underground tunnel.


Location Localization Original Script
About to take the Park Map It's the Park Map.
The Dumpster "Please dump your trash in a trash can."
Checking the construction equipment It would appear to be under construction beyond this point.
The "Manipulate The Fountain" board "The shape of the fountain changes based on the combination of the gears."
Control panel for the fountain A control panel for the fountain. Will you open the lid? Yes/No
The ladder to the sewer Will you go down the ladder? Yes/No




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