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The Park street (公園通り Kōen-dōri?) is an area Raccoon Park featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]



The player will initially explore this area as Carlos, although as the Lockpick is needed to enter the Patrol room and retrieve the Main Gate Key he cannot enter Raccoon Park. Four Zombies will lurk around that road. They can be blowed with using the oil drum on that area. Two Hunter βs are spawned in the Hospital when Carlos enter's the hospital. After Carlos runs away from the mines planted there, a FMV will play. It's OST is "Almost There..."

Conversely, when the player returns to the area later as Jill, the destruction of Raccoon General Hospital means the entire west end of the street is blocked off by rubble and cannot be accessed. Four more zombies will spawn here as enemies for Jill.


Location Localization Original Script
The door to the Park Office (Without the Lockpick) It's locked with a simple lock. 簡単なカギがかかっている
The door to the Park Office (With the Lockpick) You've used the Lockpick. キーピックを使った
Checking all the vehicles It is completely broken. 完全にこわれている
Railings It's too dark to see inside. 暗くて中はよく見えない
Hospital sign

"Raccoon City Hospital"

"Open 9AM to 7PM or in the event of an emergency."


“診察時間 9時-19時 急患については随時受付けます”

The Park sign "Raccoon Park" “ラクーン公園”
The door to the Park (Without the Park Key) It's the main gate of Raccoon Park. It's locked. ラクーン公園の正門だ カギがかかっている
The door to the Park (With the Park Key) You've used the Park Key. You no longer need this key. Will you discard it? Yes/No 公園のカギを使った このカギはもう必要ないようだ すてますか? Yes/No
The Hospital (Once it's destroyed) There was a hospital here, but it's gone now. 病院が跡形もなく崩れている