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The Raccoon City police station was the headquarters of the Raccoon City Police Department, a municipal police force in and around Raccoon City. This building was located on Ennerdale Street in central Raccoon City.



The precinct was established in the late-1980s, converted from a former art museum located in Downtown Raccoon City. Chief Brian Irons was instrumental in the purchase, acting as mediator on the deal and making several suggestions.[1]

During the "Bright Raccoon 21" project launched in the early-1990s, the precinct received funding from various local companies, such as the Umbrella Corporation, allowing the establishment of a broad array of specialized services, including K9, SWAT, and bomb disposal. From 1996-1998, counter-terrorism, bomb disposal, and anti-organized crime services were represented by the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), a military-style law enforcement unit.[2]

Raccoon City Outbreak

On the 25th, Irons had made the decision to scatter the precinct's weapons and ammunition to various locations, claiming it was an effort to prevent their seizure as a result of the riots within the city. When the precinct came under attack the following day, the officers were unable to properly ward off the infected as a result.[3]

On the 27th, the infected began to attack the precinct and overcome the remaining officers and citizens seeking refuge. Lickers are spotted inside of the precinct.[3]

During the outbreak, Ennerdale Street was heavily barricaded.

On the 28th, the remaining officers continue to look for an escape route, losing Officer David Ford after a battle in the operations conference room. Officer Elliot Edward leads the remaining survivors to a potential escape route.[4] Officer Jill Valentine returns to the precinct while being pursued by Nemesis-T Type, before continuing back into the city. Officer Brad Vickers is killed by Nemesis outside of the main entrance.[5] Sometime before these events, Officers Marvin Branagh and Rita lead an escape operation for the survivors in the precinct. Marvin stays behind to distract the infected from interfering with the escape.[6]

On the 29th, survivors Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield flee to the precinct to escape the city streets. The duo are relentlessly pursued by the Tyrant (T-103 Model) before escaping to the sewers with Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin. The last of the surviving officers within the precinct die.[7] Sometime after, a group of other survivors, including George Hamilton, take refuge in the underground parking garage.[8]

On the 30th, HUNK obtained a sample of the G-Virus and rendezvoused with a chopper on the rooftop.[9]

On October 1, 1998, the precinct was decimated along with the rest of the city due to the Sterilization Operation enacted by the US government.


In 2012, a recreation of Raccoon City surfaced, including the precinct, as it appeared prior to destruction. The location was used as an experiment for mercenaries associated with rivaling pharmaceutical companies.[10]


BH 2 PART1 309

The main hall.

Originally, the building was an art museum in central Raccoon City. In the late-1980s, the museum went out of business and the building went on the market. It was bought by the department due to its convenient location and ample parking, and was then converted into the precinct. The building underwent various changes during renovations, while other areas of the building (such as the old air ducts) were left intact.[1]

The building itself is highly decorated with different art pieces. Some of these pieces, such as the statue in the main hall, are remnants left behind from the museum.[1] In addition, a number of expensive art pieces were further added after the renovation, purchased by Chief Irons.[11]

The building is three stories tall and includes a clock tower and basement. The main entrance of the precinct faces Ennerdale Street, one of the city's primary thoroughfares. The back entrance facing Flower Street serves as the entrance to the building's underground parking.

There are a number of similarities between the precinct and Umbrella's Spencer Mansion, most notably the use of intricate keys and locks as well several puzzles, effectively transforming the building into a large maze.

Further notes

  • Attempting to overlay the gameplay maps of the building with the building's exterior model reveals a lot of unused space.
  • In the Main Hall, the door leading to the Information Office is at the top of a ramp and the door to the Waiting Room 1F is at the bottom of the ramp.  Passing between the Information Office and the Waiting Room 1F by alternate routes does not indicate any difference in height between the two rooms.
  • During its numerous displays through the series, it received several different designs.



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