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The Raccoon City Police Station was the headquarters of the Raccoon City Police Department, a municipal police force in and around Raccoon City. This building was located on Ennerdale Street in Downtown Raccoon City.


The Raccoon Police Station was established in 1969, when the newly-formed Raccoon City Police Department purchased a former art museum in Downtown Raccoon City.

Raccoon City Destruction Incident

When the t-Virus contaminated the drinking water in September 1998, tens of thousands transformed into Zombies within hours, and the police were called into duty, with many rallying at the station to defend it. In the early hours, the police station took in many civilians as refugees, including Sherry Birkin. On 25 September, Chief Irons ordered for the police station's weapons locker to be emptied and weapons and ammunition scattered throughout. Due to these orders, police took casualties in the fighting against Zombie intruders due to ammunition shortages.[1] On 26 September dozens of officers, including SWAT, were sent out of the station altogether to engage the Zombies head-on, and were massacred as a result. Those left inside endured further attacks on the station on the 27th, and faced Lickers, mutations of the Zombies they failed to kill.[1]

During the outbreak, Ennerdale Street was heavily barricaded.

On 28 September, the officers were attacked in their operations conference room and took serious casualties, including David Ford who may have been their senior. Along with officer Kevin Ryman and two other survivors, the officers began drawing up plans to escape through the sewers,[2] and Lieutenant Marvin Branagh helped Rita Philips escape through a secret tunnel in a plan to call over a rescue van; when Harry did arrive, however, the station had been attacked again and Branagh was bitten in the process. Badly injured, he ordered the survivors to go without him, which they did.[3] Later that day, former S.T.A.R.S. officers Jill Valentine and Brad Vickers attempted to find shelter in the station, but were attacked by the Nemesis-T Type, a B.O.W. sent by Umbrella Europe to kill them.[4]

By 29 September, the only personnel left were Chief Irons, Lieutenant Branagh, and Elliot Edward. Sherry Birkin and Ben Bertolucci were left as the sole remaining civilians, the former due to her small size allowing her to use ducts, and the latter due to being sealed in a prison cell. That night, RPD rookie Leon S. Kennedy, civilian Claire Redfield, and spy Ada Wong entered the police station for their own reasons, and witnessed the deaths of the last police officers.

On 30 September, USS agent HUNK entered the police station to rendezvous with a helicopter on the rooftop. At this point, the station had been taken over by Plant 43.[5] 1 On October, the precinct was decimated along with the rest of the city due to the Sterilization Operation enacted by the U.S. government.


BH 2 PART1 309

The main hall.

Originally, the building was an art museum in central Raccoon City. In the late-1980s, the museum went out of business and the building went on the market. It was bought by the department due to its convenient location and ample parking, and was then converted into the precinct. The building underwent various changes during renovations, while other areas of the building (such as the old air ducts) were left intact.[6]

The building itself is highly decorated with different art pieces. Some of these pieces, such as the statue in the main hall, are remnants left behind from the museum.[6] In addition, a number of expensive art pieces were further added after the renovation, purchased by Chief Irons.[7]

The building is three stories tall and includes a clock tower and basement. The main entrance of the precinct faces Ennerdale Street, one of the city's primary thoroughfares. The back entrance facing Flower Street serves as the entrance to the building's underground parking.

There are a number of similarities between the precinct and Umbrella's Spencer Mansion, most notably the use of intricate keys and locks as well several puzzles, effectively transforming the building into a large maze.

Further notes

  • Attempting to overlay the gameplay maps of the building with the building's exterior model reveals a lot of unused space.
  • In the Main Hall, the door leading to the Information Office is at the top of a ramp and the door to the Waiting Room 1F is at the bottom of the ramp.  Passing between the Information Office and the Waiting Room 1F by alternate routes does not indicate any difference in height between the two rooms.
  • During its numerous displays through the series, it received several different designs.


Further notes

  • The police station's origin was retconned for the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2. Before this retcon, the RPD purchased the art museum in the late 1980s.[6]


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