Raccoon Times, September 22, 1998
RACCOON CITY-At, approximately 6:30 P.M. last night, fourteen-
year-old Shanna Williamson was accosted by a mysterious stranger
in downtown's Birch Street Park on the way home from softball
practice. The man came out from behind a row of hedges at the
south end of the park and knocked Ms. Williamson off of her
bicycle before attempting to grab her. The teen managed to get
away with only a few scratches, running to the nearby residence of
Tom and Clara Atkins; Mrs. Atkins alerted the authorities, who
conducted a thorough search of the park but found no sign of the
attacker. According to the girl (through a police statement issued
earlier this morning), the man appeared to be a transient; his
clothes and hair were dirty, and she described a bad odor coming
from him, a "smell like rotten fruit." She also said that he seemed
drunk, staggering and falling after her as she ran.
With the plague of cannibalistic murders from May to July still
unsolved, the RPD is taking Ms. Williamson's encounter very
seriously; the assailant bears a striking resemblance to eyewitness
reports of the "gang" members spotted in Victory Park last June.
Mayor Harris has called a press conference for later today, and
Police Chief Brian Irons has stated already that with the first of
the newly hired police officers expected next week, regular patrols
will extend their routes to include the downtown park blocks...
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