The Art gallery is an area of the Raccoon University.



Cindy Lennox can play the piano to retrieve the Blue Jewel from a statue. All other players must pull a rope in the Presidents' room to get this jewel.


Location Localisation Original script
Displays on the north side "Art objects are stored in the show case."
Displays on the north side "A high class looking chess board."
Displays on the north side "A hunting rifle is kept in the case. It's only for display and can't be used as a weapon."
North-east corner "If I weren't in a situation like this, it would be nice to take time to look at the paintings."
The statue "The wise one who holds up light."
Piano "There's a grand piano. It is decorated elaborately."
South-east corner "A painting is displayed here."
South-east corner "A collection of old watches. Any collector would drool over these."




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