The General manager's room is a room of Raccoon University, which is visited in the Decisions, Decisions scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak.



Only one special item is found in this room. "Thick Glasses" is found by Yoko on the B and C paths.

Cuckoo Clock PuzzleEdit

The room contains the Cuckoo Clock Puzzle, which is required to solve in order to obtain the Red Jewel. The Number Memo found in the same room describes a set of numbers on each page, with a hint on the last page.

The player must take the number hint found on the last page and then divide it into the four other pages. Also, the player must examine the painting of a flower and push the switch hidden in it in order to insert the hour and minute.

The following are solutions for every difficulty level; they never change:

  • Easy: 03:25.
  • Normal: 10:05.
  • Hard: 07:40.
  • Very Hard: 02:50.

Once the correct hour is inserted, the cuckoo will reveal itself and do its trademark song, which also reveals the Red Jewel.


Location Localisation Original script
Sofa "There's a high-quality sofa and a coffee table here."
Computer "A brand new PC. It seems to have been installed recently."
Books near the clock "Dictionaries on foreign languages. That won't help me now."




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