The Presidents' room is an area of the Raccoon University.



Handgun Magazine and Handgun Rounds can be found when searching under the bed, which all players but Mark can do. At the fireplace are two chains, red and blue. When the blue chain is pulled, a statue's arm will move in the nearby art gallery. If the red chain is pulled, the secret door to Testing passage B will open, revealing a Zombie.


Location Localisation Original Script
"Antiques are displayed along with some trophies."
Desk "The desk is a mess. Maybe someone was searching for something."
North-west corner "A big painting is displayed here."
"A Sculpture of the first president. He has a gorgeous mustache."
"A Sculpture of the second president. You can see his sharp eyes through the glasses."
"A Sculpture of the third president. She seems to be a broad-minded person."
"A Sculpture of the fourth president. He seems to be quite old."




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