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The Raccoon Weekly Editorial was a newspaper service in Raccoon City.

September 17th edition

Raccoon Weekly Editorial, September 17, 1998


RACCOON CITY-Mayor Harris may be in for a rough race next spring. Weekly sources inside the RPD are saying that Brian Irons, chief of police for the last four-and-a-half years, may be running for the city's top office in the next election, facing off against the popular and as yet unopposed Devlin Harris, already in office for three consecutive terms. Although Irons would not confirm his possible entry into the political arena, the onetime S.T.A.R.S. member also refused to deny the rumor.

With his approval rating at an all-time high ever since the cessation of this summer's savage murders (as yet unsolved) and the planned expansion of the RPD, Chief Irons may indeed be the man to knock Harris out of City Hall; the question is, will voters be able to forget Irons's alleged involvement in the 1994 Cedar District land scam? Or his rather expensive tastes In art and interior design, which have turned parts of the RPD building into something more like a museum than a working office? Assuming he means to throw his hat into the ring, this reporter - for one - will be looking forward to examining Irons's financial records...


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