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Further NotesEdit

  • Rachel received her own trailer before the release of the game which showed scenes that were never seen in the released game, she is seen speaking to someone; presumed to be Raymond Vester; on the radio where she is ambushed by Oozes; eventually running out of ammo and getting killed upon Jill's arrival. Another extended version was released later on which showed even more scenes with Vester dressed as a Veltro terrorist infecting the researchers on the ship.
  • It is unknown how long Rachel survived her "last moments", as when Jill found her she was speculated as dead. However, as you progress through the game, you'll find out Rachel wrote down her final moments, thus surviving after Jill left. She alludes to her transformation into an Ooze as she mentions her arm becoming deformed and complains about her head hurting and losing an eye; either due to her hitting the glass or the fact that her head literally splits open in her Ooze form:

    "I was forced on this mission. I had no desire to come here for a job that could get me killed. At any rate, stage one is complete. I got the key for the freight lift. Now I can access the bilge. This ship was used as the base of operations for the terrorist attack on Terragrigia one year ago. I found the UAV in the ship's foredeck that was used to disperse the virus. Finding the UAV was good; getting attacked out of nowhere by an ugly monster was bad. I knew this mission would suck from the moment I took it. My head feels like it's going to split open. I lost an eye already. It's hard to see. I feel like crap. Arms are starting to feel weird too. My right arm split into two. Blood all over my body, can see my bones. need doctor bad. "

    • While the official Japanese website spells her name as "Rachel", other publications use "Rachael".
    • Rachel does not appear in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D's "early" demo version, instead appears a generic male named Richard, who later was replaced by Rachel in the final version.
    • Rachel seems to have been possibly playable in pre-release versions of the game on 3DS. In "Jessica's Report", Rachel can be seen swimming and being attacked by a Sea Creeper, as well as being cut in half by the Scagdead.
    • If partnered with Hunk in Raid Mode, Rachel's quote "Pleased to work with you, Dr. Death" suggests that she knows him or knows of him (although Raid Mode is not canon, so this may not be the case).
    • In the Resident Evil Revelations 2 Concept Trailer, a woman resembling Rachel can be seen in the back.
    • The Resident Evil Revelations 2 character Gina Foley has the same surname as Rachel, although any relation between the two is not confirmed.
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