Further notes

Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit

Before Mutation/DeathEdit

  • "This is Rachel. Yeah, there won't be a problem. I haven't hit any snags yet, I just want to get off this God forsaken ship."
  • "Hold on, I have to check something. I'll radio you back."
  • "Why is this happening, why me?!"
  • "Stay back! Don't come any closer!"
  • "Help... please help heeelp!" (unheard dialogue)
  • "Stay back!!! Stay baaack!!!!" (unheard dialogue)

Ooze RachelEdit

  • "Where? Where are you?"
  • "Raymond... Where are you?"
  • "Help! Help me!"
  • "Found you, Raymond. Found you!"
  • "It hurts! It hurts!"
  • "So painful. Why? WHY!?"
  • "I will make somebody PAY!"
  • "Stop it, please."
  • "Help me!"
  • "Wait! Come back."
  • "I'm scared."
  • "Someone, save me."
  • "Found you!"
  • "Here... cold... pain..."
  • "Here... over here."
  • "Don't look... at me"
  • "Play... with me."
  • "You are mine. I will have you..."
  • "Here... Here... I'm here."
  • "Look. It's me."
  • "Thirsty. Thirsty."
  • "I want your blood."
  • "Tasty morsel, for me!"

Raid ModeEdit

  • "Rachel, on the scene!" (beginning quote)
  • "I thought I wasn't for a second... I'm all good now." (beginning quote when partnered with Raymond)
  • "Pleased to work with you, Dr. Death." (beginning quote when partnered with HUNK)
  • "I did it!" (ending quote for receiving an S rank)
  • "That was great!" (ending quote for receiving anything below an S rank)
  • "(Laughs) Thanks!"
  • "Go on ahead!"
  • "Over Here!"
  • "Wait!"
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