Waggoner novelization
(Novelization of Final Chapter)

Rachel Sulelo was a South African teacher who died ten years before the start of the global T-virus pandemic.


Around 1997, Sulelo and fellow teacher Dominic Robertson led a class trip to Table Mountain where, during the cable car ride, student Callan Williams choked to death on a peanut, was revived as an Undead, and began killing and infecting the other occupants, starting with Sulelo. The Undead occupants were later gunned down by armed South African police, who resorted to head-shots.[1]

Further notes

  • The Prologue chapter indicates Sulelo's school consists of black and white children, which was only legalised when the Bantu Education Act was abolished in 1994. Consequently, the Final Chapter novelisation timeline would be based around the film's release date - 2017 - and not the film continuity's 2012.


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