"Pants for racin' bikes. The tag says 'No more sweat! No more fatigue!' Maybe I'll try 'em on.... "
Jim Chapman, examining this item

The Racing Pants (レーサーパンツ Rēsāpantsu?, Racer Pants) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


The Racing Pants are found in the Mainframe, on the left corner of the device used to convert the MO Disk. It is found in the End of the Road scenario by Jim exclusively on VERY HARD difficulty. On EASY and HARDYoko will obtain the Gold Glasses instead.


This item is exclusive to Jim, and is one of five items required to unlock his second alternative costume, Chase The Wind. The other components are; Fanny PackBiking ShoesWaterproof Parka and Racing Helmet.



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