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"The battery is still charged."
— Item description.

The Radio is a communication device which is used by Chris and Jill in either the original 1996 Resident Evil and the 2002 Remake.

Signal from Brad Vickers[]

Chris/Jill can receive signal from Brad Vickers in certain locations:

  • Garden with flowerbeds (Jill)
  • Cabin slope (Chris)
  • Way to the dormitory (Chris & Jill)
  • Way to the heliport (Chris & Jill)



It is given by Albert Wesker when the player encounters him in the Dormitory corridor after defeating Plant 42. In the remake, a busted version of the radio can also be supplied by Richard Aiken, should the player successfully cure him of poisoning from a snake-like monster. This will also trigger a cutscene where Chris will pick up a scrambled message from Wesker about a monster lurking near the cabin inside the woods.


It is given by Barry Burton at the Entrance hall inside Spencer Mansion during the early stages in the game. In REmake, the radio is given by Richard Aiken after treating his wounds using the Serum in the Pillar corridor.