Raid Mode is a minigame that is part of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is based on the minigame of the same name from Resident Evil: Revelations but heavily expanded upon. It is a type of "run and gun" game where players in either single player or co-op fight through short stages to reach a goal and level up their characters and equipment.

The minigame itself exists as a scenario where the Overseer is testing the new Red Queen Alpha program on the player, who is a test subject for it.


Raid Mode takes place in a hub room called the Vestibule where the player can walk around and interact with the set pieces to customize their equipment and go on missions. Whenever Raid Mode begins, the player is represented by "Cipher", a green wireframe person. The game is played by selecting a character "skin", setting up equipment, skill sets, then entering a Mission. The basic goal of each Mission is to locate the coin at the end and break it. After completing a Mission, the player(s) receives the "gold" (shown as a gold coin symbol) and EXP they've earned in the stage, vinyls, custom parts, and Medallions if they fulfilled any requirements. After earning so much EXP, the character being played will level up and earn Skill Points which can be used to upgrade their skills.

Upon starting Raid Mode for the first time, a short cutscene plays with the Overseer announces you are a test subject for the Red Queen Alpha. From here, you must go to the Customize mannequin and set up a character, then play then you are prompted “Deploy from the Red Door” and play the first mission. The player starts off Raid Mode with 10000 gold, a Handgun MPM Lv. 1 and MP-AB50 Lv. 1.

Control wise, the partner command button is replaced with a shift key used for Gestures the player can customize for character. Sub-weapons are replaced with characters' Active skills. Some work similar to regular sub-weapons such as "Explosive Bottle" but with a preset number of uses, others are unique attacks or actions such as Hunk's "Stealth Cloak". Enemies will have health bars over their heads along with their Level and icons showing any skills they may have. The amount of damage you do is also displayed as a number and whether elemental damage is being done.


A character "skin" is selected for the test subject at the mannequin and different costumes can be selected with the "Change Costume" option after the character is picked. There are 15 available characters. Some characters need to be unlocked by filling certain requirements, some are added with each episode purchase, and some are separate DLC. Each character has their own unique set of passive skills and active skills, as well as different levels required to unlock certain skills, skill slots, and weapon slots. Some characters also have their own animations for their melee attacks.

The character roster is further increased by Gina, who has 3 alternative "skins" based on LADY HUNK, Rachel and Jessica (FBC Outfit), who were all from Revelations.

For further details on characters, see here: Characters in Revelations 2 Raid Mode.

Character Unlock method Episode content
Claire Default Episode 1
Barry Default Episode 1
Moira Clear Episode 1 in the campaign. Episode 1
Gina Clear Episode 1 in the campaign. Episode 1
Pedro Clear Episode 2 in the campaign. Episode 2
Gabe Clear Episode 2 in the campaign. Episode 2
Neil Clear Episode 3 in the main campaign. Episode 3
Evgeny Clear "The Struggle". Extra Episode 1
Alex Clear the campaign. Clear Raid Mode. Episode 4
Leon Obtain 20 or more Completion Medallions. Episode 2
Chris Obtain 30 or more Completion Medallions. Episode 3
Jill Obtain 10 or more Completion Medallions. Episode 1
Hunk Purchasable DLC ($2.49) Separate download or part of Season Pass/Retail Disc
Albert Purchasable DLC ($2.49) Separate download or part of Retail Disc
Cipher Obtain 90 or more Completion Medallions. Episode 1


Each character has their own level, which grows as they earn EXP. The max level is 100. With each level up, that character earns a certain amount of Skill Points depending on what level they've reached. After reaching level 100, the player can continue earning 10 skill points for that character after certain intervals of EXP (but they will not continue to level up).

While not in use, characters slowly build up their "Rest Bonus". This is shown in their exp gauge in blue and there is a limit of how much can be stored. After completing a mission, a portion of their rest bonus will be used and added as extra exp.

With each level up from 2 to 69, that character earns 5 Skill Points which can be used to level up skills, and every level that's a multiple ten from 10 to 70 provides a character with 10 Skill Points. At level 71, earned skill points raises to 6 per level, with 80 level giving 12 instead of 10. With level 81, skill points once again raise to 7 per level. Once level 90 is reached, the player is given 14 Skill Points, with every subsequent level providing 9 Skill Points. Upon reaching level 100, the player will be given 18 Points.

Level reached Skill Points awarded
Non-multiples of 10 from 2-69 5
Multiples of 10 from 10-70 10
71-79 6
80 12
81-89 7
90 14
91-99 9
100 18
100+ 10


Skills are special abilities that characters have. There are two categories: "active skills" and "passive skills". Characters start with and unlock more skill slots as they reach certain levels and each have access to a certain list of skills. Skills can be leveled up using Skill Points (SP) gained from leveling up. Skills at max level can then be "Inherited" for a large amount of SP so its available for all characters to use.

Active skills are similar to sub-weapons in the campaign. Instead of being based on if the players has the items themselves, based on the skill they can have a set number of usages, and specific cool-down period. Player can have up to 4 equipped at a time.

Passive skills will be in use all times and some will be used automatically depending on the conditions. Player can have up to 6 equipped at the time.

For further details, see here: Skills in Revelations 2 Raid Mode.


Gestures replaces the voice commands in the previous Revelations's Raid Mode. They are unique animations or voice commands the player can perform. Players can set a total of six different gestures for each character.

Additional gestures can be unlocked by completing the Raid Mode Records

Default Characters start with the following gestures before the player customizes them;

  • "Go" set to up
  • "Wait" set to left
  • "Thanks" set to right
  • "Come" set to down
  • The two extra slots are empty.
Gesture Record to unlock Record description
Go Default
Wait Default
Come Default
Thanks Default
Sorry Default
Go Ahead! Default
A Little Help! Default
Let's Do This Default
It's Hot Default
Oh Really? Default
Air Guitar Leon level 50
Rock Clear Gauntlet I (Very Hard)
Scissors Clear Gauntlet III (Very Hard)
After You Shop in the store
Backfllip Hunk level 50
Move Out! Default
This Way! Default
Guns In The Air! Default
Hey There! Default
Yo, Over Here! Default
No Clear Gauntlet II (Very Hard)
Not Yes, But No Clear Gauntlet IV (Very Hard)
Frustrated Deal 100,000+ damage in one attack
Lunatic Thumbs Up Default
Japanese Apology Default
"Gomen Ne!" Default
At Your Service Default
Yay! Obtain a completion Medallion
I'm So Excited Upgrade a skill completely
Laughing 2 Default
Catlike Moira level 50
Giddy Schoolgirl Default
Karate Pose Default
Yeah! Default
Hip-Hop Dance Default
The Robot Default
Dancing Defeat an enemy with a gesture as Gina
Yippee Ki Yay! Default
Regret Shoot a Slinger's projectile 10x
Don't Hurt Me Default
They Got Me Defeat a metallic enemy with 1 attack


The player starts off with 24 slots for holding weapons to choose from for setting up their character. Weapons have a level which works as a general indicator for how strong and how effective it is relative to stages' recommended level i.e. the higher the level, the Firepower will always be higher and a level 20 weapon is strong on stages with a lower recommended level but starts being relatively weak at stages around 25+. Characters using a weapon that is above their level can still use that weapon, but it will act as their level i.e. a level 25 weapon will act as a level 20 if the character is a level 20 or if they set their to that.

Weapons have varying stats and can be bought in the store. Rare, named versions of weapons can be obtained by evaluating albums, and are unavailable in the Store.

Weapon List

Weapon Rare name Type
Handgun MPM Liberator Handgun
Handgun P10 Coffin Nail Handgun
Samurai Edge Bushido Handgun
Handgun Triple Shot Trident Handgun
Shotgun M147S Gravedigger Shotgun
Shotgun TAP194 Decimator Shotgun
Shotgun Hydra Cerberus Shotgun
Shotgun Drake Lindwurm Shotgun
MP-AB50 Banshee Machine Pistol
MP-AF Firebolt Machine Pistol
Chicago Typewriter Godfather Machine Pistol
MP-AB50G Goldfish Machine Pistol
Assault Rifle AK-7 Dagger Fang Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle NSR47 Beelzebub Assault Rifle
AR High Roller Million Dollar Assault Rifle
Rifle M1891/30 Zaytsev Rifle
Rifle SVD Overlord Rifle
Rifle Muramasa Unscripted Rifle
Anti-Materiel Rifle Sledgehammer Rifle
Magnum Model 329 Ticket Puncher Magnum
Magnum 2005M Mr. Train Magnum
Magnum Python Serpent Magnum
Magnum Anaconda Basilisk Magnum
Pale Rider Grim Reaper Magnum

Custom parts

Every weapon has from two to six part slots that can be equipped with parts obtained from either the store or albums. These parts can be of varying levels, usually between level 1 and 20. In addition to finding higher level parts, one can combine like-named parts at the Toolbox, which will be available to the player after a certain point of progression. The parts themselves all have different effects, and are used to either boost a weapon's base parameters, or add elemental features to rounds fired from said weapon.

For further details, see here: Custom Parts in Revelations 2 Raid Mode.


The store is accessed by the dial telephone located behind the center chair in the Vestibule. In the store, players are offered a handful of weapons and parts to choose from, corresponding to the highest level character. Named weapons are not sold in the store, however extra perks such as Speed Shot and Long Range are available built into the weapons found in the store's stock. After every mission, the stock re-rolls, allowing for players to find a new set of weapons to buy if it is necessary to stock up on more powerful choices. The maximum level a weapon in the store can be is level 95, as it is only possible to obtain level 96+ weapons from albums.


Missions are selected by interacting with the Red Door. Some later missions cost a certain amount of gold to be deployed on.


Medallions are only obtainable in regular missions, not daily missions. Medallions earned are shown on the Mission select menu. If earned by the character currently selected, they appear in gold. If earned by at least one other character, they are shown in grey.

Icon Medallion Message
Clear Medallion Clear Medallion Cleared the mission!
Challenge Medallion Challenge Medallion Cleared the mission at or below the recommended level!
No Herb Medallion No Herb Medallion Cleared the mission without using an herb!
Genocide Medallion Genocide Medallion Defeated all enemies!
Completion Medallion Completion Medallion Obtained all Medallions at once!


Albums and star rating

Albums can be obtained in chests found during Main missions (not Daily or Event missions). All missions in Normal, Hard, and Very Hard gauntlets contain three chests while Code Red missions can have more. Weapons found as album drops sometimes have custom parts already equipped.

Albums can be evaluated or sold as-is at the Jukebox in the Vestibule. Selling them as albums yields more gold than selling them as evaluated items. Weapon albums in the Jukebox will show weapon type, level, and tag before evaluating, but not number of slots and parts, if it has any. Custom parts will not be named nor will show their level however, players and guess which part it is based on its picture and level based on its color/star rating.

Albums appear in different colors corresponding to that item's star value. Custom parts' star value is based on its level what kind of part it is. Weapons are based on its tag, if it has extra custom slots, and if it is a rare variant.

Color Stars Example
Black No stars
Gold 1/2
Green 1
Blue 1 & 1/2
Red 2
Purple 2 & 1/2
Rainbow 3

Life crystals

Life crystals can be used to respawn if the player is killed during the mission. There are Red and Blue crystals. Both have the same functionality, but blue will be used first. Blue crystals can be gained as rewards for completing "daily missions". Red crystals can be purchased in the store. Upon respawning player's health, ammo and skill usage will be fully restored. Respawning is not allowed in certain missions.


On, players can log in and use rep points (which are awarded for completing certain challenges/trophies/achievements) to unlock weapon parts and money for use within Raid Mode.


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