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"A few years ago, the BSAA received intel on the whereabouts of Umbrella's founder, Oswell E Spencer. Jill and I are ordered by the BSAA's European Headquarters to apprehend him. We accepted that mission in the hopes of uncovering some information that would lead us to Wesker."
Chris Redfield

The Raid on the Spencer Estate was an event that occurred in 2006. After the Queen Zenobia Incident, the BSAA received a tip on the location of Oswell E. Spencer's EstateJill Valentine and Chris Redfield are assigned on this mission in the hopes of finding information that might lead them to their former Captain and nemesis, Albert Wesker who they are searching for since their last encounter with him during the Caucasus Incident. Upon entrance, it appeared that Albert already killed all of the guards and Spencer himself. The result of their fight with him caused the loss of Jill and her supposed death as both of their bodies are never found.


"Jill: It kind of took you back, doesn't it?

Chris: To Raccoon City? Unfortunately. Yeah. That was where all of this started.
Jill: It was hard to believe that was 8 years ago. I guessed that I am getting older.

Chris: You are not the only one."
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Lost in Nightmares.
Spencer Estate

The entrance to the castle, used in the design of the Spencer Mansion.

The Infiltration[]

The BSAA was given a tip from a reliable source on Spencer's whereabouts. BSAA operators Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine went to the estate on that same night in the hopes of arresting the fugitive company founder and gaining the whereabouts of Wesker himself.

Spencer Estate Break In

Jill unlocks the front door while talking to HQ.

After breaking into the front door thanks to Jill's lock-picking expertise, the two had to survive through a number of deadly traps reminiscent of the Arklay estate. They also found the corpses of several of Spencer's bodyguards and reported on the discovery to HQ. Chris and Jill admitted that the castle "brought them back" to the events in Raccoon City. They arrived at Spencer's main chamber moments after Wesker and Spencer's conversation ended with their guns cocked and are expecting to find Spencer. Instead, they found his corpse beside his empty wheelchair and Wesker standing at the window. He turned and smiled at his two old enemies by taking their arrival at that moment and time as a sign: "The weak would always resist the will of the chosen."

RE5 Spencer Estate

Wesker strangling Jill.

A battle immediately ensued within the estate's chamber, but Chris and Jill's gunfire and hand-to-hand skills are no match for the super fast and strong Wesker. After throwing Jill aside, Wesker grabbed Chris by the neck, slammed him down on a large dining table, viciously dragged him along and held him up at the window. As the villain prepared to make the killing blow, Jill came to her partner's aid and tackled Wesker out the window. The two fell along the rocky cliffside and disappeared, and Chris who could only watch Jill disappear, let out a scream of horror and despair.

The Aftermath[]

The BSAA spent months searching for their bodies to no avail and both are presumed dead. In reality, they survived and Wesker saved Jill to use her for his ultimate plan. It was unknown what became of the estate. During the Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident, Chris was hopeful that he would still find Jill. Later, as Jill was spotted, it was revealed that she was in disguise all along during the incident and under the control of Albert Wesker via the P30 device.