George A. Romero
(Rejected movie script)

Rake was a ranch worker in the mountainous outskirts of Raccoon City, Pennsylvania. He looked after Chris Redfield's ranch and his horses.


Rake worked for years at the ranch after Chris' father took it over. When Chris inherited it, Rake continued to work there. He was attacked in the night after the T-virus outbreak by an unseen creature which he believed to be a wolf. Chris found him laying on the ground with a deep tear in his body the following morning while the US military was evacuating the town. Rake died shortly after. As Chris drove away in a jeep, Rake reanimated as a zombie. The zombified Rake would be killed much later when the Arklay mansion was destroyed, the explosion goes as far as destroying the ranch.

Further notes

"Rake" was a character created by George A. Romero for his first draft of Resident Evil. Due to his script's rejection in favor of Paul W.S. Anderson's, nothing of Romero's made it to the screen.

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