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"Did you say "old man", Mr. Kennedy? It might come as a surprise, but I'm only 20 years old!"

Ramon Salazar (ラモン・サラザール Ramon Sarazāru?) was a nobleman from an unnamed Spanish-speaking rural region in Europe. Salazar was born into the office of castellan, the governor of a castle and its surrounding area. He was the eighth castellan to govern the region since its construction, the office having been handed down for a number of generations. As the 21st century came about, Salazar left his Catholic faith behind and converted to Los Iluminados, a cult led by Osmund Saddler, who had access to bioweapons research and was interested in Las Plagas. Although his diminutive stature resembled that of a ten-year-old, and his gray hair and wrinkled face gave him the appearance of an elderly man, he was only 20 years old.[1][notes 1]



The Salazar coat of arms

Little is known of Salazar's early life. If his claimed age is accurate, he inherited the Castellany at a young age and had no other family.[2] Though his ancestor, the first castellan, was the topic of much loved folklore in the region, Salazar was himself unpopular among the villagers.[3]

Taking advantage of his young and isolated state, Salazar was approached by Osmund Saddler, who provided him with insight into Los Iluminados, a modern cult sharing the name of an ancient one stamped out by Salazar's ancestor. Salazar fully accepted Saddler's claim to being a Prophet.[2] The mythology of Los Iluminados considered Salazar's family to be tainted by sin ever since the first castellan sealed the Plagas in the ruins his castle was built around.[4] Salazar was determined to atone for this sin, and hired a workforce from the nearby village to excavate the ancient ruins formerly sealed off.[4] The parasites were expected to be long dead, and the discovery of their mummified remains suggested as much. The workforce inhaled the carcasses' dormant, fine spores, which over a period of several years regenerated into fully-formed Plaga bodies.[5]

Saddler's research team began experimenting on these organisms,[5] and created a large number of Plaga eggs for the purpose of spreading out to the entire region.[3] From this research, Salazar was granted one of several genetically-modified dominant species Plagas, which would grant the host full control over their bodies as well as the ability to order around other hosts. Salazar formed a large, armed force of monks, the Cultists, as well as two Verdugo bioweapons as his personal bodyguards. Continuing his services as Castellan, it became Salazar's duty to protect the Queen Plaga, a large creature which asexually reproduced new Plagas constantly.

2004 abduction of President Graham's daughter

In 2004, Salazar became part of an international plot by Saddler to infiltrate the US federal government. President Graham's daughter, Ashley, was to be abducted by Jack Krauser, implanted with a Plaga parasite and upon rescue begin implanting Plagas into others as an internal agent. When this plot was carried out, the US government sent in Leon S. Kennedy to rescue her. Moving through the region in an operation coinciding with a bioweapons organization's own search for the Plagas, Leon was able to rescue Ashley, but the two were forced to seek shelter in Salazar's castle.

Salazar continued to taunt Leon during the night, thanks to Krauser's knowledge of his radio frequency. Salazar hastily inducted Ashley into Los Iluminados through the cult's baptismal ceremony and sent her off to Saddler's island base for safety. Leading Leon high into a tower sheltering the Queen Plaga, Salazar made a final effort to halt his mission by merging into the Plaga's body alongside one of his Verdugos. All three soon perished, allowing Leon to escape to the island.



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