Ramon Salazar is a glossary entry for Resident Evil Recollections.


Resident Evil 4
Eighth head of the Salazar family, and castellan of the region where Ashley is believed to have been taken. While his height is around that of a 10 year-old child, his face is deeply wrinkled and he has the hoarse voice of someone much older. His real age, however, is 20.

With no family, Salazar's loneliness was taken advantage of by Los Illuminados cult leader Osmund Saddler, who persuaded him to cease the long-standing repression of the cult by the Salazar family in defense of their subjects, and to free the Plaga parasites that had been sealed deep below the castle. Salazar's adoration of Saddler allowed the cult to encroach on the surrounding region, and before long not a single villager remained who was not a cult adherent. Salazar also allowed himself to be implanted with a control Plaga, and would ultimately merge with the mother Plaga to form an enormous creature.

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