Further notes

Rasklapanje is as durable as a Regenerador and is capable of taking hits. When fighting them for the first time, it is recommended to shoot its hands and destroy them immediately before they attach to the host then kill both legs and torso.That way the body part that is killed last will drop 3000 skill points. Unlike the Regenerador however, the real parasite in its body will flee and create a new one later making it very difficult to kill. Despite this, it will reveal its parasite to the player when hit by an incendary grenade or another source of fire. It will also reveal the parasite when hit with Acid Rounds from a Grenade Launcher. A good way to get rid of it is to shoot it with any shotgun or with the Elephant Killer, the Rasklapanje will be split in half and each can be killed with any other gun before regenerating into a new one.The flash grenades are not effective against these creatures.


Grab:Rasklapanje will try to grab the player.If it manages a qte must be done in order to shake it off (If you have low health it can instantly kill you without qte depending to the difficulty.)and if you fail you will instantly get killed by its parasite.The qte can be sometimes hard to pull off if you don't have the breakout skill.Also there are 2 speed versions.First one is if its extremely close it will do a quick grab(the type that agent hunters cannot do) and second is if it has some distance to you it will do a slower and louder grab.If its hands isn't detached to it its grab move will even have less distance.It can be countered.

Stomp:It will do this while you are lying on ground or after you shaked its grab attack.If it manages an easier qte must be done in order to kick it otherwise it connects its grab attack.It is not recommended to hold the move left/right/back button if you shaked its grab move otherwise character may not dodge and get hit by stomp.Instead press the buttons repeatedly(or rotate the analog repeatedly)in order to have a more chance to dodge.

Hand Throw:It will usually do this when you have a decent distance between it.It will disarm its hand manually with its spare hand or its mouth.If it succeeds with its throw,hand will cover your face forcing you to do qte.However you can still shoot your weapons and move slowly although vision is greatly affected.It will never do a 1 block damage unless difficulty is no hope.It can also hit you when you are lying on ground.Your partner can also shoot the hand if its covering your face.

Sidestep Dodge Attack:It will usually do this when you try to past it from its sides,when you are aiming it,or when its back is turned against you from a distance and it is trying to walk against you.It has a chance of grabbing you if you are close enough and its hand is attached to it.Sometimes it may do the 2x damage of grab attack depending to the angle.It is recommended to destroy its hands quickly in order to make sure it doesn't grab you.Also if you enabled agent hunt be extremely careful of corners cause experienced agent hunters may try to ambush you.


Throw:After they are disarmed by any means it will bounce by itself.They cannot be grabbed when they are getting ready to jump to your face.(See hand throw for more.)


Kick:When its close to you it will do a kicking attack.It can be countered.

Acid:When it has some distance it will charge towards you by covering itself in an acidic aura.Attack can be disrupted by shooting with your weapons.It can hit other enemies with this attack.


Arm Attack:When its close to you and it has at least one hand it will do an arm swing attack.

Jumping Bounce:When its both hands are destroyed it will do a jumping attack.It can be countered although this one is tricky to do and not recommended unless you are very low on ammunition or bored.If you wanna do the counter however it is recommended to run away from it slowly and when it jumps quickly aim cancel and repeatedly press the attack button.

While they can't be permanently killed, their hands can be permanently destroyed by using contextual button prompts whilst next to certain environmental objects. For example, in the backalleys of Lanshiang in Leon and Helena's campaign, Rasklapanje's hands can be dropped into a pot of boiling soup, thrown into a microwave oven, or thrown into a furnace. On the aircraft carrier in Chris and Piers' campaign or Ada's campaign, its hands can also be put in a microwave oven, dropped into a pot of boiling water, or flushed down a toilet. And in the oil field in Jake and Sherry's campaign, its hands can dropped into a trash compactor. If all else fails, running from it is the best option.

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