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The Ravager is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It is a devastating high-caliber assault rifle.

The Ravager has been shown to be DEE-AY's weapon on choice in official material.[1]


The Ravager is one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game. Though, it is slightly weaker in comparison with the Hammer. It also has the highest blood frenzy out of all assault rifles. The weapon offers a decent accuracy and is also comfortable to use at a certain range. Like the Hammer, the Ravager suffers from the low amount of reserve ammunition - 25 ammo in the magazine and 100 spare rounds initially, slightly lower capacity and a slow rate of fire. The maximum amount of spare rounds is 125. The Ravager can be purchased at the pre-game menu with [9000 XP]. It is the most expensive assault rifle to be purchased.


"The Ravager is a widow maker. This heavy assault rifle deals a beautifully lethal burst of firepower that's worth writing home about."
— In Game Description
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Blood Frenzy ORC bar 6.jpg Rate of Fire ORC bar 4.jpg
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Campaign locations
USS On map? Enemy drop? Echo Six On map? Enemy drop?
4: Gone Rogue 3 No 6: The Places We're Meant To Die 1 No