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Raven's Gate Bridge was one of many ways in and out of Raccoon City.


Raven's Gate Bridge served as the central thoroughfare in and out of Raccoon City. When the T-virus escaped The Hive, Umbrella hastily evacuated its personnel through this bridge and then constructed a barrier around the city, with the bridge as the only checkpoint. With all traffic consequently pushed to the bridge, Umbrella was able to assess each individual for signs of infection and let them go. As the night approached, the population at the bridge swelled into the thousands, and the UBCS' "Chopper Delta" was ordered to reinforce Umbrella's soldiers at the gate. When an infected man turned into an Undead and bit another man, the rescue efforts were immediately ended and all survivors ordered back into the city under threat of being shot. The following day, the bridge was destroyed when Umbrella dropped a low-yield nuclear warhead on Raccoon City to prevent the T-virus escaping.[1]



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