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Raven's Gate Bridge was one of many ways in and out of Raccoon City.


It was in the Raven's Gate district and was near Raven's Place and Raven's Gate Church. The Raven's Gate Bridge was the central thoroughfare into and out of Raccoon City. It was for this reason that, as the T-Virus overtook the city, Major Timothy Cain of the Umbrella Corporation placed the only checkpoint to allow uninfected citizens out of the city there.

It was the site of a skirmish between the corporation's armed guards and the terrified citizens when an infected man reached the fortified gate, and Cain ordered the checkpoint sealed. Jill Valentine; the infected man's daughter; Peyton Wells and Terri Morales were also planning to escape via this route, but were unable to before they sealed the gate. To scare people away from the gate, the guards fired their rifles into the crowd as a scare tactic; the crowd subsequently dispersed and reluctantly returned to the city.

This Bridge was destroyed when the Umbrella Corporation dropped a low-yield nuclear warhead on Raccoon City to end the Outbreak and prevent the T-Virus from escaping the City.

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