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Ravens Gate Church was a Christian place of worship located at 12 Ravens Place, Raccoon City, and was close to Raven's Gate Bridge. It was used as a safe haven by Terri Morales and S.T.A.R.S. survivors Jill Valentine and Peyton Wells. Considering its name, it may have been situated near the bridge of the same name.


In September 2002, the Umbrella Corporation's experimental T-Virus was leaked into Raccoon City. A sister of the church's priest was infected with the virus, and he had her bound-and-gagged to prevent her spreading the infection, refusing to kill her for religious reasons. To keep her fed, he chose to feed her parts of a corpse.

Later that day, Umbrella sealed off the city's main exit route, Raven's Gate Bridge, forcing refugees back in to the quarantine zone. Office worker Mackenzie was first to hide out in the church, later joined by journalist Terri Morales and S.T.A.R.S. officers Jill Valentine and Peyton Wells much to his annoyance as they were being followed by zombies.

As his sister began making noises, the priest discovered Jill investigating the area. Finding his sister to have turned, the priest tried to persuade her to leave, but was forced to intervene directly when Jill tried to euthanise her. His sister broke free from the chair and ripped his neck open, killing him. Meanwhile, the others fell under attack from a pack of at least three Lickers, which were also using the church as their den. Mackenzie was killed, forcing the others to hide until Jill returned. Peyton and Jill quickly ran out of ammunition fighting back the agile Lickers, only saved by Alice driving her motorcycle into the church and killing all three with great ease.

Making their way into the cemetery to escape the church, the group was confronted by the infected recently deceased rising from their graves, almost losing Morales in the process. Despite their efforts to fight the horde, they were forced to keep moving. The church was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Raccoon City when Umbrella detonated a nuclear device to destroy the virus and all evidence of it.

Further notes[]

  • In several deleted scenes on the DVD for Apocalypse expand the church and graveyard scenes:[1]
    1. The conversation between, Jill, Peyton and Terri is extended, elaborating more Jill's suspension and Terri's demotion from anchor-woman.
    2. Another scene showcased the priest quoting Jeremiah 6:19,[2] which both amuses and impresses Jill and Terri.
    3. In the graveyard sequence, Alice advises Peyton to conserve his ammo as the noise will only attract more undead.
  • Because no church was willing to record the scenes, a set was built over a seven-week period, using pews from a closed down church.
  • In the 3-D representation of the church Dr. Ashford is looking at, it appears to greatly resemble the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.



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