Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Ray Hsu (レイ・スー Rei Sū?) was an teacher at the Marhawa School, and an assistant to Mother Gracia.


Hsu lost his family in a war which left him an orphan. He and Tahir Kapoor were saved by Delenikas, a wealthy man who had built an orphanage in the jungle of Kudahnkan, which he ran with his family. This school evolved into Marhawa School, a prestigious boarding school, and Hsu gained employment within it. By 2012 he was working as faculty administrator for Mother Gracia Delenikas, daughter of the man who saved him.[1]

Marhawa Desire

Episode 8 - Ray bitten by zombie

Ray is attacked by a zombie.

When the school became the centre of illegal bioweapons research conducted by Dr. Carla Radames, Hsu sided with Mother Gracia in covering up a series of murders, both by Zombified students and their own murders by fellow staff members, in what Kapoor would explain was loyalty to the sanctuary that was Delenikas' legacy.[1] When Mother Gracia herself was attacked by a Zombie student, Hsu and Kapoor were ordered to work with BSAA adviser Dr. Doug Wright and his nephew and assistant Ricky Tozawa in killing several more Zombies that had been discovered.[2] Soon after heading into the school's basement, Hsu was attacked by one of the Zombies, who bite into his throat.[3] Though he soon died from blood loss, the C-Virus was able to revive the dead, and he soon after got up as a Zombie.[4] Armed with his sword, Hsu fought against Kapoor and Dr. Wright, but was eventually disarmed and killed by having his head beat against machinery.[5]



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