Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Ray Hsu was an teacher at the Marhawa Academy, and an assistant to Mother Gracia.


After a group of workmen were zombified at the school, Ray was assigned by Gracia with killing them. Armed with a sword, he and Tahir Kapoor were joined by Professor Doug Wright; his nephew Ricky Tozawa and the crossbow-armed Class President, Bindi Bergara as they entered the machinery room. Exploring the seemingly-empty machinery room, Ray found a disembodied hand lying around without an owner. They were soon after met by the C-Virus-infected workmen. Tahir was grabbed and bitten in the arm, relying on a sword impalment, curtosy of Ray, to free him from the creature's clutches.

With the zombies capable of running, the group ran to the control room to seek refuge. It was here they found a surviving workman, who explained to them the appearance of a mysterious hooded girl in the room.

Episode 8 - Ray bitten by zombie

Ray is attacked by a zombie.

When the man died, Ray and Doug analysed the newly gathered evidence. As a direct representative of Mother Gracia, Ray gave the order to kill the three remaining zombies and then present the evidence to the school president.

As they killed one of the three zombies, the lights blew out. At this very moment, one of them ran out of the darkness and bit into Ray's neck. Tahir and Doug swang their axes at the zombie, beating it away from Ray. Unfortunately, his injury was more severe than Tahir's, and he quickly began to die. His final moment before the C-Virus took hold was raising his hand into the air towards a hallucination of the Mother Gracia.

The re-animated Ray later came back to attack Tahir and Doug after they finished off another zombie. Armed with his sword, he engaged Tahir in battle. With Tahir being reluctant to kill his former friend, Ray seemingly had the upper hand and sliced through Tahir's forehead before moving on to Doug. Hit by Doug's axe, Ray wasn't even aware of an approaching swing from Tahir, allowing his head to be easily smashed on the ground.



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