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"That's a fuel tank! Leak the gas, use it to burn these bastards! Do it now!"
— Raymond's last words to the survivors as he is overwhelmed.

Raymond Douglas was the Deputy Chief[1] of the Raccoon Police Department. He was killed during evacuation efforts early into the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


On Wednesday 23 September, shortly after the t-Virus threat was realized, Raymond Douglas was one of several RPD officers responsible for aiding the evacuation of hundreds of civilians during the fall of Raccoon City.

Involved with the helicopter evacuation efforts taking place just north of Raccoon Zoo, his role, besides physically assisting in the evacuations, was to notify survivors of the times in which the helicopters would arrive.[2]

He and a colleague, Arthur, were later encountered by survivors outside of Jack's Bar. Armed with a Shotgun and aiding fellow RPD officer Kevin Ryman and other survivors through the alleyways adjacent to the bar, upon reaching a canal banking, he was overwhelmed by the infected. He told the group to set off a nearby fuel tank to escape and left his Lighter for them to use before being killed.


Raymond is a Kevin-type character that starts scenarios in FINE condition with a box of Pistol ammo (x30). He has an infection rate of 1.53% per minute, a vitality between 2000 and 2500, a movement speed of 1.00, and a damage multiplier of 1.02x.

Further Notes[]

  • He is one of the few NPCs in the series to actively aid the player by attacking enemies. Being a scripted AI, he cannot be killed by enemies until reaching the canal.
  • His death appears differently in Hard and Very Hard mode from that of Easy and Normal. Instead of being thrown to the floor by Zombies and his neck and throat being ripped out, he is attacked by a Scissor Tail, which again attacks his neck.
  • Douglas's rank is only mentioned in the Japanese script of Outbreak: File #2. The English localization does not identify Douglas's rank in Flashback scenario.



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