Further notes

Reapers are a mutagenically-modified insectoid, resembling giant humanoid cockroaches. Standing upright at around seven feet, they have four upper body limbs that they use as "arms", as well as two "legs". As revealed in the file Regarding the Mutant Organism Found in the Facilities, Reapers were exposed to the Uroboros organism at the Tricell African Research Facility.

While similar to the Chimera, Reapers are not part of any project, neither from Umbrella nor from Tricell. They were, in fact, a completely random and unprecedented mutation of mere cockroaches which came in contact with the Uroboros virus when a fire broke out in the missile bay of Tricell's African research facility. The beasts were codenamed "Reapers" when whole squads of armed Majini were sent to capture a specimen and were torn apart, as if disemboweled by scythes or spears by its claws. The rigid carapace will protect the Reaper from explosions.

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