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Rebecca's Report is a file in Resident Evil 2. It is one of the EX Files exclusive to the Nintendo 64 version of the game.


The file can be found in the S.T.A.R.S. office on the second floor of the R.P.D.. It is sitting on top of Rebecca Chambers' desk, in the back near the communication equipment. This file is only present in the "B" scenario.


On July 23rd, an MP vehicle was found inside the Arklay Mountains. Corpses of MP members were found near the vehicle.

According to the information from military authorities, the unidentified body was identified as former ensign Billy Koen, who was sentenced the death penalty following a court-martial on July 22nd. While Koen was on transfer via Navy MP escort, they must have experienced some sort of accident.

The corpses were severely mauled, apparently torn apart by unidentified wild animals.

The following day, we returned to the location to recover the bodies but they were nowhere to be found.

Military authorities have requested that we hand over Koen's body as proof of his death. But due to the circumstances described above, it will be a difficult task to recover the corpse.

I am requesting that this case be temporarily closed until further notice.

Raccoon City Police Department
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
Rebecca Chambers





On July 23rd, we discovered an MP vehicle engulfed in flames while flying over the Arklay Mountains. We found the remains of the personnel lying nearby, along with the corpse of a John Doe.

Using information from the military, we were able to identify the John Doe as ex-Lieutenant Billy Coen, who was court-martialed and sentenced to death on the 22nd. It appeared that during transit, the USMC MPs were involved in some sort of accident.

The bodies were savagely torn apart, appearing to have been bitten at by some type of large animal.

The next day, we revisited the site to collect the remains, but we were unable to locate the bodies. If I had to guess, I would suggest that the corpses had possibly reanimated into zombies and likely migrated away from the vicinity.

The military has requested a transfer of ex-Lieutenant Coen's remains, but securing the body has proven to be an extremely difficult task given the situation at hand. Therefore, I suggest that this investigation be suspended for the time being.

Raccoon City Police Department
S.T.A.R.S. Officer
Rebecca Chambers

Further notes

  • The official localization mistranslates Billy Coen's name and affiliated military branch.
  • The original script details that the MP vehicle was engulfed in flames, and also includes Rebecca's conclusion that the missing bodies had become zombies and left the area.
  • The file appears to reference an earlier version of Resident Evil Zero (N64 version).
  • In 2016, Riva Di Paola read the file while in character during's podcast.