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Resident Evil ZeroEdit

Rebecca is played along with Billy Coen throughout Resident Evil 0. Players will begin the game as her equipped with a mixing kit that can be used to store various chemicals. Rebecca has less health and is not as strong as her partner, Billy, is. Rebecca also does not start with a knife and has a slightly weaker starter handgun. However, Rebecca is the only one capable of mixing herbs. She cannot push heavy objects.  

Wesker ModeEdit

Aside from her regular role in the HD Remaster of Resident Evil 0, Rebecca is also a playable character alongside Albert Wesker in the bonus mini-game Wesker Mode. She is given a similar outfit to Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 5, including her having a P30 injection system implanted into her chest, and possessed red eyes similar to Wesker, only without the slitted pupils.

Resident EvilEdit

Rebecca is played briefly in Resident Evil (1996) and Resident Evil (2002), if Chris Redfield is poisoned by the Yawn during combat. Her mission is to find the Serum and administer it to him. Rebecca has a handgun, bullets, and a First Aid Spray.

Alternatively, if Chris decided to let Rebecca follow his trail (Original) or save Richard in time (Remake), Rebecca is played again in order to make V-jolt to weaken Plant 42.

When played, Rebecca cannot pick any item aside from what is necessary for her to proceed and healing herbs. This mechanic is to prevent her from taking important key items that Chris need to progress later. She cannot leave the dormitory either.

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence Edit

Rebecca is playable in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence's multiplayer mode.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesEdit

Rebecca is a playable character in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Her along with Billy Coen are available characters for the "Train Derailment" scenario and Rebecca is the only character played for the "Nightmare" scenario. Her handgun is the "Samurai Edge 2". On the select equipment screen, the Submachine Gun will be defaultly selected for her for the Train Derailment stages and the Submachine Gun HP will be defaulty selected for her during the Nightmare stages. Her melee attack involves her first simply pushing the zombie off then throwing a grenade that explodes on contact at the zombie.

The MercenariesEdit

Rebecca Chambers is playable in The Mercenaries Reunion from Resident Evil 5 and The Mercenaries 3D.

Resident Evil 5Edit

Rebecca is a playable character in The Mercenaries Reunion mode for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Her updated character model has the same outfit from Resident Evil 0, with the exception of two spray bottles on her belt (which she is able to use in her reaction moves), different gloves and minus symbols instead of crosses on her back vest and pack one should also note the change in color of her boots which appear green and white in Resident Evil 0 but only appear green in the Mercenaries. One of Rebecca's bottles contains tear spray to stun enemies, while the other contains a flammable spray used to set enemies on fire. Unfortunately, unlike most other characters, most of Rebecca's melee attacks do not instantly kill (except for her Flame Spray/Double Flame Spray attacks), and require more shots to kill with a melee. To compensate that she is the only character that starts with two First Aid Sprays and extra ammo (for Shotgun and Sub-Machine Gun).

Rebecca seems to be the most "weak-hearted" of the Mercenaries, sometimes loudly saying "Oh no!" when using her flame spray attack on Majini. This reaction to apparent violence still could be contributed to her relatively young age (18) compared to the other characters, because in her last chronological appearance she was around 18 years old and in the correct Resident Evil canon she would be around 28 at the current time.

Position Attack Strength
Head Flame Spray High
Arm (Front) Tear Gas Low
Arm (Front) (With Chris or Excella) Double Flame Spray High
Arm (Back) Rump Shake Low
Leg (Front) Jump Hit Low
Leg (Back) Head Cracker Medium
Grounded Kick Medium (Head Critical)
Combo Finisher Stun Gun Extreme
Grapple Breaker Push Low

She carries only two weapons:

  1. The Heckler & Koch MP5 SMG with 120 loaded shots (and 300 machine gun ammo on backup)
  2. The Jail Breaker shotgun with 10 loaded shots (and 60 shotgun shells on backup)
Resident evil 5 rebecca-5

Flame Spray

Her melee moves are as follows:

  • Flame Spray: When Rebecca injures an enemy in the head and approaches them, she sprays a small burst of fire that incinerates them. You can hit multiple enemies with this attack.
  • Tear Gas: When Rebecca injures an enemy in the arm and approaches from the front, she sprays tear gas into the enemy's eyes. Strangely enough, the enemy is flung backwards. You can hit multiple enemies with this attack.
  • Double Flame Spray: When Rebecca injures an enemy in the arm and approaches them, she pulls both her Tear Gas and Flame Spray to make a wide burst of fire that incinerates them. You can hit multiple enemies with this attack, in a higher range than Flame Spray. Must be paired with Chris or Excella.
  • Rump Shaker: When Rebecca injures an enemy in the arm and approaches from the back, she literally bumps them with her butt. This move is also seen when she destroys a Time Bonus.
  • Jump Punch: When Rebecca injures an enemy on their foot and approaches from the front, as she walks up to them, she jumps a bit only to come down on them with her fist. You can hit multiple enemies with this attack.
  • Head Cracker: When Rebecca injures an enemy on their foot and approaches from the back, she grabs their head and pulls it as she knees them in the back of the skull. Ironically, this move isn't an instant kill, and unlike most characters' Leg Back Melee, it doesn't prevent Plagas from eroding.
  • Kick: When Rebecca walks up to an enemy on the ground, she kicks them. You can hit multiple enemies in this attack.
  • Stun Gun: When Rebecca walks up to a stunned powerful enemy (such as Gatling Gun Majini) she pulls out her taser and tases the individual. It one-hits regular enemies, and takes a huge chunk out of a boss, if not killing them instantly. The discharge is large enough to hit enemies nearby.

Her Taunt consists on her saluting in a serious pose and then proceeding to thumbs up in a playful manner, while saying "I'm Rebecca!" or "I'll do my best!".

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DEdit

In the non-canon game Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Rebecca is one of the unlockable characters.


  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 5'3
  • Weight: 93 lbs
  • An expert at mixing medicines, she does things her own way.
Costume Damage taken Heal amount Unlock requirement
Rebecca Chambers
130% 450 Get a B rank on Mission 2-3
Rebecca (Nurse)
150% 600 Get an S rank on all Missions but the EX levels

Her weapon set is:

Her melee moves are:

Set up Name Damage Description
Head stun Push Out Rebecca will push the enemy with both her hands, knocking them back. You can hit multiple enemies in this attack. Replaces her Flame Spray from Resident Evil 5.
Arm stun, approach from front Tear Gas
Arm stun, approach from the back Rump Shaker
Leg stun, approach from front Jump Punch
Leg stun, approach from the back Head Cracker
Combo end, strong enemy stunned Stun Gun
Downed enemy Kick
Assist co-op partner Help Same attack as Push

Based on her role, she is the character with the highest recovery, but also the character with the lowest defense. Her alternate costume makes her take 150% of damage, but she recovers 600 with just one herb, the highest recovery rate in the game.

Her moveset is almost the same as in Resident Evil 5 , but Push Out, previously an Assist move, now replaces her Flame Spray.

Due to the loss of her flame spray, Rebecca is now much weaker, possessing the weakest melees out of the whole roster. With the use of skills, however, Rebecca's Head Cracker and Kick melee can possess a 100% critical rate, allowing her to easily kill enemies despite the weak damage of her melees. Her Stun Gun also makes her one of the best boss killers in the game.

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