Further notes
  • Rebecca's overall appearance in Resident Evil 0 was modeled after popstar Ayumi Hamasaki, who was the official spokeswoman for Biohazard 0 in Japan.
  • In Resident Evil 2, when you walk into the S.T.A.R.S. office, search the desk at the head of the room about fifty times and you will uncover a film. When it is developed, it is a picture of Rebecca in a basketball uniform.
  • Although being bitten by an Eliminator, she was not infected with the t-Virus. It can be assumed Rebecca has a very high resistance to viruses. In Vendetta, she can resist the A-virus effect in a very long time before injecting the prototype vaccine to herself.
  • In the English localization of Resident Evil Archives and Resident Evil Archives II, a translation error indicated that Rebecca Chambers had been killed by the time of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. In the Japanese version of both files, she was actually listed as alive.
  • Her fate in the Rebecca dies segment of Chris's scenario varies depending on whether it was the 1996 original game or the 2002 remake. In the 1996 version, she is decapitated completely by the Hunter. In the 2002 remake, she instead has her throat slit via a swipe of the Hunter's arm.


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