Rebecca Chambers (BIOHAZARD 0 Ver.) is an action figure manufactured and sold by Moby Dick. It is numbered "Series 15" of the "BIOHAZARD Real Shock Action Figure" line, where customers were expected to collect all action figures to assemble a Nemesis (Type-3) toy.


This action figure is based on Rebecca Chambers as she appears in the unreleased Nintendo 64 prototype version of Resident Evil 0.

The figure itself comes with two different handguns for it to hold along with a removable hat and two First Aid kits to attach to either side of the toy's waist and a stand to place it on. The shoulder armour can also be removed if one so chooses. It comes with Nemesis Type-3's left front leg as a collectable part. The figure features a limited amount of articulation, mostly centred around posing on the stand. The head can rotate and swivel, the shoulder joints are on a ball joint, the left thigh can rotate, both knees can bend, and the wrists and ankles rotate.



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