"Rebecca Rescue 1" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1]


Rebecca has just lost the remaining amount of strength to continue hanging on, and is about to fall. However, Billy Coen proceeds to grab her arm just in time. He then tells her to hang on, as he's going to pull her up. Upon both being brought on ground surface, Rebecca then proceeds to thank him as she is standing back up, with Billy telling her not to mention it, as he was just keeping his word, referencing how they had earlier agreed to work together to survive back on the Ecliptic Express. Before Rebecca could respond, her transceiver started pinging, with Rebecca then activating it, with the person on the line being her immediate superior, Enrico Marini, the leader of Special Tactics and Rescue Service's Bravo Team. Enrico then asks Rebecca if she had managed to find Billy yet. After hesitating, Rebecca then proceeded to lie by claiming that she hadn't found him yet and promised to continue her search. Rebecca then told Billy that it was her first mission on S.T.A.R.S. and she had just disobeyed orders, realizing it may affect her law enforcement career in the future, although she decided that it probably won't matter as she most likely won't survive the night anyway. She then asks Billy for the truth about whether he had killed twenty three people, making clear she won't judge him either way. Billy then explained that the event she is referring to happened the previous year around this time and was about to explain what happened...


BILLY: Rebecca! Hang on. I'll pull you up.

REBECCA: Thank you.

BILLY: Don't mention it. Just keeping my word. We promised to cooperate with each other. Remember?

REBECCA: This is Rebecca. Over.

ENRICO: Rebecca, this is Enrico. Have you managed to locate Coen yet? Over. Rebecca, answer me.

REBECCA: No, sir. I have not found him yet. I'll continue to search for him. Over.

BILLY: Rebecca...

REBECCA: My first mission and I've already disobeyed orders. So much for my great law enforcement career. Oh well. I probably won't live long enough to worry about it. Billy... I just need to know. I need to know the truth. Did you kill twenty-three people? I'm not going to judge you. I just want to know the truth.

BILLY: It was around this time last year.

ビリー: レベッカ!!
しっかりしろ もう大丈夫だ!

レベッカ: ありがとう…

ビリー: 気にするな 約束を守っただけだ

レベッカ: こちら レベッカ

エンリコ: レベッカ こちらエンリコ
レベッカ 応答しろ

レベッカ: ……あの
捜索を続けます 以上

ビリー: レベッカ…

レベッカ: 初出動なのに命令違反ね
まぁ いいわ
今は そんな事
私 知りたいの
教えて 真実を
本当に 23人も殺したの?
私 そうは思えない

ビリー: …今から 一年前の事だ











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