"Rebecca Rescue 2" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene plays directly after Billy's Memory 1.


Back to the present day, Billy then reveals when they arrived at their destination, they discovered there was no guerilla hideout. Rebecca, shocked, asked what he meant by that. Billy then explained that the people in charge of the operation (whom he disparagingly referred to as idiots) had supplied his unit with faulty information. He then mentioned that, because their unit couldn't just return empty-handed, their leader decided to have his unit attack the village despite the inhabitants being innocent.


BILLY: Only, there was no guerilla hideout.

REBECCA: What do you mean?

BILLY: The idiots in charge had us operating based on wrong information. But we couldn't just go back home empty-handed, oh no. Our leader ordered us to attack an innocent village.

ビリー: だが そこはただの集落だった

レベッカ: どういう事!?

ビリー: 偽情報に踊らされたのさ
手ぶらで帰還するか それとも…
隊長の命令は ”集落の殲滅” だった

BILLY: But, there was an ordinary village.

REBECCA: What do you mean?

BILLY: Fooled by the false information in. Or not to return empty-handed, or... The captain's instruction was "the annihilation of the village"


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