Rebecca plays the piano 1 is a cutscene in Resident Evil. This sequence plays out if Chris saved Richard Aiken, and wants Rebecca to keep practising.



Rebecca Chambers: It's me, Chris.

Chris Redfield: Rebecca...

Rebecca: That sounded like Moonlight Sonata.

Chris: Can you play?
Ohh... what was that?

Rebecca: My interpretation is off a little...
Let me practice for a while.

Chris: Sure.
But don't get too carried away.

Rebecca: Oh, I won't.

Rebecca Chambers: 私よ クリス

Chris Redfield: レベッカか

Rebecca: “月光”ですね

Chris: 弾けるか?
おい カンベンしてくれよ

Rebecca: スコアの解釈の差ですよ

Chris: まぁ ほどほどにな

Rebecca: ええ


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