Rebecca plays the piano 1 is a cutscene in Resident Evil. This sequence plays out if Chris saved Richard Aiken, and wants Rebecca to keep practising.



The original script is based on as it appeared in the 2002 GameCube title.[1] Any changes made in the 2015 Japanese dub will be listed separately.

Rebecca Chambers: It's me, Chris.

Chris Redfield: Rebecca...

Rebecca: That sounded like Moonlight Sonata.

Chris: Can you play?
Ohh... what was that?

Rebecca: My interpretation is off a little...
Let me practice for a while.

Chris: Sure.
But don't get too carried away.

Rebecca: Oh, I won't.

Rebecca Chambers: 私よ クリス

Chris Redfield: レベッカか

Rebecca: “月光”ですね

Chris: 弾けるか?
おい カンベンしてくれよ

Rebecca: スコアの解釈の差ですよ

Chris: まぁ ほどほどにな

Rebecca: ええ


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