The Rebirth 1 opening (tentative) is the opening cutscene to the "Rebirth" level of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Plot synopsis

A red toned flashback depicting Wesker being impaled by the T-002 Tyrant that ominously fades away before showing various red cells. Throughout this, Wesker narrates how he had "died" once, and that he would never forget the sensation of the near-death. He then goes on to state that even that was necessary for the big picture of his plans to come to fruition, and cited his rebirth as being a prototype virus that his colleague William Birkin created and supplied to him. He then cited that upon his awakening, he considered hatred his master.

It then cuts to shortly after Jill and Chris took out the Tyrant as Wesker regains consciousness and lifts himself up, as the automated voice warns about the impending self-destruction of the Arklay Laboratory. Wesker then narrates that he awoke to find the Tyrant dead and that the lab was just moments away from self-destruction. He then admitted he didn't have time to enjoy his newfound life as he needed to take care of something first. Wesker then, upon fully righting himself, removed his sunglasses and dropped them to the ground, stepping on the Umbrella-issued eyewear and destroying them as he approached the computer.

Wesker then attempted to log in, making clear that he intended to make sure he retrieved the Umbrella Archives from the mainframe of the laboratory before he left the doomed facility. He then accessed the files with some keystrokes, but discovered from a computerized voice that the impending self-destruction was resulting in all the data being backed up to the U.M.F.-013, with Wesker deducing that the back up function was Sergei Vladimir's handiwork. Undaunted, he tried to access the U.M.F.-013 directly to steal the data and log in. However, the computerized voice then revealed that, as of midnight, the U.M.F.-013 had made sure to revoke Wesker's privileges to the mainframe system. Wesker, shocked and angered, demands to know the voice's identity while trying to access the mainframe. The voice then identified itself as the RED QUEEN, the main AI for the U.M.F.-013, and cited its primary and secondary objectives before Wesker punched the monitor and destroyed the computer in rage, ominously vowing revenge on the AI in response as his eyes, as a side effect of the prototype virus, briefly glowed red, before ultimately being forced to evacuate empty handed.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Albert Wesker (narration): I died once. I will never forget the cold, dark fingers of death reaching out for me. However, even that death was a necessary component of the big picture. The virus that Birkin had created brought me back from the brink of annihilation. When I awoke, hatred became my master.

July 24th, 1998

Albert Wesker (narration): I found the Tyrant that killed me was dead and the facility was just moments away from self-destruction.

Albert Wesker
Leader of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team

Wesker (narration): I did not have time to enjoy my newfound life, I had something I needed to do.

Albert Wesker: Time to grab the data and get out.

???: Due to the emergency condition, all data has been backed up to the U.M.F.-013.

Wesker: Sergei was busy.

???: Wesker Albert... I am afraid that as of 24 hundred hours, I have taken it upon my authority to revoke your access privledges [sic] to the mainframe system.

Wesker: Impossible! Who are you!?

Red Queen: I am Red Queen. My primary objective is the management and protection of Umbrella assets. My second objective is the protection of Umbrella officer lives.

Wesker: You will regret this, my lady. That I promise.




” 1998・7・24 ”



ウェスカー 「 データは全て・・・持ち帰る。」

『 非常事態のため、すべてのデータをU.M.F.013に退避させます。 』

ウェスカー 「 ・・・セルゲイの仕業かビックリマーク 」

『 ウェスカー アルバート
  残念ながら、あなたのメインフレームへのアクセス権は、  私の権限により、本日○○時○○分○○秒に、剥奪されています。 』

ウェスカー 「 なんだとビックリマーク おまえは、誰だはてなマーク 」


  第2優先任務は、アンブレラ社幹部社員の人命保護・・・ 』

ウェスカー 「 この借りは・・・返してもらうぞビックリマーク 」


Shortly after his revival, it shows Albert Wesker removing his sunglasses, and stepping on them. It is revealed on the wing just before their destruction that the sunglasses were a property of the Umbrella Corporation, which makes Wesker's betrayal of Umbrella all the more poignant.


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