The Rebirth 2 ending is the cutscene that plays in the end of the "Rebirth" Act of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

Plot synopsis

Wesker is seen running through the Arklay mountain forest, as the remaining few seconds for the Arklay Laboratory to self-destruct are counting down. Upon the self-destruct sequence's completion, the mansion and laboratory violently exploded. Wesker, who by that point had his wounds completely healed, stopped to look back on the burning forest caused by the destruction of the mansion, smirking at his rebirth and plans for power being unopposed.

Throughout this, Wesker narrates that he had been reborn. He also stated that because of this, he no longer needed his employers at the Umbrella Corporation. Citing that a new horizon has stretched out before him, he states he had risen beyond humanity and cheated death itself, thus leaving him unopposed to his plans of acquiring ultimate power.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Albert Wesker (narration): And so I was reborn like a phoenix emerging from the flame.
I no longer needed Umbrella.
A new horizon stretched out before me.
I had risen beyond the human race and cheated death itself, leaving nothing to oppose me.

Albert Wesker (narration): こうして私は生まれ変わった
アンブレラも、 もはや心要ない
目前には、 新たな地平が開けている
人を超え、死の宿命をも退けた私に、 かなう敵などいないのだ


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