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Reckless and Stupid is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Leon A and Leon B scenarios with the only difference being whether Ada wears Sherry's locket.



Leon: "Ada!"
"What was that all about? Running off like that was reckless and stupid! Those zombies are everywhere--not to mention that thing that got Ben!"

Ada: "I was there, Leon; I know."

Leon: "Look, Ada, as an officer, it's my job to look out for you. But we're not going to get through this alive if we don't work together, okay?"

Ada: "All right. We'll do this your way. For now."

「どういうつもりだ? 一人で飛び出すなんてムチャを! あたりはゾンビだらけベンを殺したヤツだって・・・」


Leon:「いいかエイダ 君を守るのが俺の仕事だ だが君の協力も必要なんだ 生き残るために・・・」

Ada:「そうね 悪かったわあ」


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