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RecoveredResponse 3 is an internet file that was written as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Raccoon Police Department
Ennerdale Street
Raccoon City

My God Tony - as if I've got time to waste on this crap.

Yes I shouted at the bitch but quite honestly, she was going through my stuff and that's the least she deserves.
She's damn lucky I didn't shoot her, stuff her and mount her right there.

But of course, that kind of thing's frowned upon isn't it? Yes, we've got to stick to the 'rules' because we're
the ones enforcing them. God these rules make me sick to the put of my stomach. What was wrong with the old
way of doing things anyway? Back then, somebody steps out of line, you let them know about it, you know
what I mean?

And so what - I've got some pretty pictures. And maybe they cost more than Carole will see in a year. But hell,
what I do with my money is my business. And I work damn hard for it - and not just for the Raccoon Police
Department either. I'm a worker Tony, you know that... and so long as I keep the city working like clockwork,
then it don't matter what else I'm doing. Right?

And hear these words Tony, because Raccoon is my top priority. You can be sure that the work I'm doing is for
Raccoon City because I won't let anything happen to it. This is my city, with my rules. It ain't some corporate
annex that can be bought. No matter what they thing. They can only push me so far...