"A copper relief in the shape of a dog's head."
— Inventory description

Red Dog's Head (魔犬のレリーフ (赤銅) maken no rerīfu (shakudō)?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Red Dog's Head is meant to be used on the relief door in the Main Hall of the Main House with the White Dog's Head and Blue Dog's Head to allow access to the Yard.


The Red Dog's Head is first seen in the Dissection Room, attempting to pick it up will trigger an event where Jack Baker will come into the room and move it into the Morgue. If the player walks past it and into the Morgue, it will be moved anyway.

Attempting to pick it up in the Morgue will add it the player's inventory and play the event where Jack kicks the player down and begins a fight.



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