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For other Red Jewels in the series, see Red Jewel (disambiguation).

The Red Gemstone (also known as the Red Jewel[1]) is a red-colored jewel found in the Spencer Mansion, said to be polished to a mirror-like shine.


Resident Evil (1996)[]

After obtaining the Helmet Key from the Dormitory, the mansion's Trophy Room can be unlocked and the Red Jewel can be found inside. The jewel is unable to be seen unless Chris or Jill turn off the lights by interacting with the light switch next to the door. This causes the gem to glow brightly in the eye socket of the stuffed moose head at the end of the room, which is accessed by pushing a moveable stepladder below it.

Once the jewel is obtained, it can be used with the tiger's eye puzzle on the first floor to obtain a Colt Python. In the arrange mode present on the Director's Cut release, the puzzle yields extra Magnum Rounds instead.

Resident Evil (2002)[]

In the remake, the Red Gemstone is found on the second floor of the mansion, in the same room as the original, and accessed in very much the same manner. However, this time the room includes a moving hawk statue. The stone is found once again in the moose head, but in order to be accessed, the eagle must be facing away from the moose head or else it will activate a mechanism that locks the gemstone in place. By moving swiftly or hugging the wall and remaining undetected, the gemstone can be taken from the moose head before the hawk statue can activate the lock.

Unlike in the original version, the Red Gemstone is not to be used in the Tiger Statue room; doing so will cause four adders to appear in the room. Instead, it is to be inserted in the Jewelry Box (RE1) found in the first floor's Dressing Room in order to obtain the Emblem Key.


Resident Evil (1996)
Item Localization Original Script
Red Jewel It's shining beautifully.
Resident Evil (2002)
Red Gemstone It's beautifully cut and polished to a mirror-like surface. 美しく光り輝いている


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