The Red Herb is an Item Card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It was introduced in the first expansion set, Alliance. The Red Herb is again useless by itself. If trashed along with a Green Herb card, the Red Herb heals not only the player's Main Character, but their Partner Character as well. This makes it more effective than the First Aid Spray. However, in the hands of the second Claire Redfield character card, it becomes especially deadly. Through Claire's Level 1 effect, she can trash it to raise her base damage (that is, without weapons) by 20. If she trashes a Green Herb alongside it, the effect kicks in again and her base damage is 40. But with both trashed at once, her Level 2 effect doubles all damage she deals, effectively making her base damage 80. George Hamilton from the Outbreak expansion is also able to use Red Herbs to his advantage. Trashing them gives him extra Explores because of his Level 1 effect.

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