"It emits bright red light."
— Item examination
— Japanese version

For other Red Jewels in the series, see Red Jewel (disambiguation).

The Red Jewel is a key item that appears in the "Decisions, Decisions" level of Resident Evil Outbreak.


The Red Jewel is used along with the Blue Jewel on the stuffed moose head in the Entrance Hall to reveal the entrance to Peter Jenkins' private study.


Found in Raccoon University, it is hidden in the clock in the General Manager's Room. A hidden switch can be found behind a painting near the entrance to the room and when pressed, illuminates the hands on the clock and allows them to be interacted with. When the correct time is displayed, a cuckoo will spring out and chime with the jewel embedded in its chest. The puzzle is solved when the clock strikes "3:25" on "Easy", "10:05" on "Normal", "7:40" on "Hard", and "2:50" on "Very Hard."


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