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Red Queen was an advanced AI security system designed by the Umbrella Corporation to administrate their Hive complex underneath Raccoon City.


Red Queen was designed by British software developer Dr. Simon Barr from his Umbrella lab in London. Designed to be adaptable and possessing a level of personality, it was considered to be a decade ahead of any consumer computer. To offer better assistance to researchers, the Red Queen was designed to project the image of Dr. Charles Ashford's daughter, Angela, as a manifestation of itself for interactivity, utilizing Perrymyk Sounds sound systems for speech. It is unknown if the personality traits were modeled off of Angela Ashford herself, though other Umbrella researchers suspected Barr had created an unfriendly personality to get back at Ashford for having to use his daughter's face. Due to the Red Queen's total access to The Hive's security systems, Lisa Broward and members of Umbrella's Security Division were assigned to prevent any unauthorised alterations of the Red Queen code.[1]

In the first two months after the Red Queen's activation, it became an unpopular security system, forcing people to change passwords on a weekly cycle to encourage more complex passwords in order to prevent hacking.[1]

The Hive Incident

In late 2002, rogue Umbrella Security Division employee Spencer Parks entered The Hive's viral research laboratory and stole a number of samples of the experimental T-virus. While the Red Queen was aware it could not identify him due to his hazmat suit, it allowed him access of the samples due to his access codes. When Parks dropped a sample of the virus, the Red Queen detected it enter the ventilation system as an airborne pathogen. Calculating that evacuating all 523 human workers would take longer than the time for them to be infected, Red Queen set about killing the workers to prevent their transformation into the Undead.[2] Red Queen then denied external access to its systems to prevent Umbrella from shutting it down remotely.[2]


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