Red Queen System Message 1 is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Played to the user when they first enter Raid Mode.


Rise and shine, my adorable little guinea pig. This is my baby, the Red Queen Alpha. I've invested a lot of time into making this the perfect battle simulator. And now it's time for you to show me what it can do. Run, my little hairball! Spin those wheels!

お目覚めのようね グレーゴル
ようこそ 私が生み出した完璧な
戦闘シミュレーションシステム レッドクイーンαへ

It is time to wake up, Gregor. Welcome, to my flawless creation: the battle simulation system, Red Queen α. So without further delay, let us begin the experiment. I expect you to give it your all.

Further notes

  • The localization changes the tone of Alex Wesker's dialogue from being very polite and dominant, to being rude and mocking. In addition, any references to "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka have been removed.


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