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Reform is the name of one of the individuals on the artificial island who was mutated by the G Bacteria.


BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.45 - pages 8 and 9

Reform, being attacked by G Zombies.

Reform was attacked at his home by a gang of G-Zombies, who proceeded to bite him while his wife and child hid in the bathroom. The bites allowed the bacteria to be transmitted to him, allowing him to transform into one of the "extraordinary" zombie mutants. Opening the bathroom door, he revealed that he had grown a mass of tentacles out of a wound in his back, which were powerful enough to inflict serious damage. Unfortunately, he lost control and sent the tentacles flying into the bathroom. Wrapping themselves around his wife and son, they opened up and began sucking the two's insides to add to his own body. He realised what he was doing as they cried out in pain, though was only able to watch as he finished the job, seeing his son being strangled during the attack.[1]



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