Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Regan Mallet is a survivor to the Raccoon City Destruction Incident attempting to escape the danger of Raccoon City through the Arklay Mountains with her daughter, Lucy.


She had decided to try and escape Raccoon City. Knowing that all the main access routes had been barricaded by the military who would not let anyone pass, Regan decided their best chance was to run through the forest and Arklay Mountains. After escaping into the mountains, she was attacked by Scissor Tails and separated from her daughter. Eventually, the survivors find Regan injured and defenseless inside Al's cabin, and offered to locate Lucy and return her to safety. Regan gives the survivors a handmade pendant which belonged to Lucy, as she had always told Lucy not to talk to strangers.

Lucy will be at a nearby river saying she got separated from her mother. If the player has the pendant already, Lucy will trust the survivors' words that her mother is inside of a cabin and agrees to go. After that, the survivors find both mother and daughter reunited in the cabin. Regan gives her thanks to the survivors and gives them a weapon that differs with the difficulty as a token of her gratitude.

It is assumed that Regan and Lucy managed to escape Raccoon City before its destruction, even though it is never explained how they escaped.


As a playable character, she has two versions. Regan A is an Alyssa-type character. Her stats are as follows:

  • An average health of 2000-2500
  • A slow infection rate of 1.04% per second
  • A movement speed of 0.91
  • a damage multiplier of x1.00

she starts with an Antidote in FINE condition.[1]

Her B type version is a Yoko-type character and has a cut on her arm. Her stats are as follows:

  • An Average health of 2000-2500
  • An infection rate of 1.60% per minute
  • A movement speed of 0.74
  • A damage multiplier of X0.82

She starts with a Hemostat pill in DANGER status .[2]

Further notes

  • Regan will be found in Al's cabin after the bridge falls apart.
  • The player can wait inside of the cabin until the Bridge's Collapse cutscene plays, and she will mysteriously appear before them.
  • In the easy difficulty, Regan will reward the player with a Grenade Launcher equipped with Flame Rounds. In normal, the reward will be a Shotgun E. In hard, the reward will be a Handgun, while in very hard, it will be a Handgun SG.
  • The player can have ad-lib conversations with her by pressing the ad-lib button near her while in the cabin. This can only be done with one of the 8 default characters as the extra playable NPC's can't interact with her.



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